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About Us

In 1995 Scott Brady purchased a sawmill in Stanford, KY to begin his dream of re-claiming timber, and marketing recovered materials to homeowners, contractors and distributors for historical preservation projects. Because of the constant growth and expanding needs of the company, there is a consistent need for new equipment and new methods for working with old materials. As you can imagine, it has been challenging, but after years of networking with companies in the industry, Scott and his crew have obtained the skills to produce fine millwork products using only reclaimed materials.

Salvage Antique is a reclamation company.

We specialize in reclaiming historical materials in the South Eastern part of the United States. The salvaged buildings have been earmarked for demolition with all debris scheduled to go to landfills. That’s where Salvage Antique takes over, using supplies that many people would call trash, and repurposing then as building materials, furniture and works of art. Salvage Antique takes great pride in negotiating with contractors, property owners and developers to rescue and recover materials, and keep the materials in use, and out of our crowded landfills.

Salvage Antique creates a vary low carbon impact on the environment by manually dismantling structures by hand and with the greatest of care to insure the stability of the preserved materials. At a normal recovery rate of 98% recyclability of salvageable materials, our professional and experienced methods of recovery have been in development for over 20 years with over 164 reclamation projects finished. In the last 20 years Salvage Antique has reclaimed as much lumber as would be produced by 50,000 acres of standing forestry according to an equation generated by the U.S. Department of Forestry. This equals 2,600,000 cubic yards of landfill space.

Salvage Antique has been green since green was just a color.