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     Salvage Antique specializes in reclaiming historical materials in the South Eastern portion of the United States.  Many older historical buildings have been earmarked for demolition but we have a unique way of recycling up to 98% of these buildings.  We are committed to repurposing antique wood that has been weathered over hundreds of years by nature and man, which is simply unattainable with new wood.

     We pride ourselves on searching to find wooden structures usually built well over a century ago such as barns, schools, and industrial factory buildings.  These buildings were constructed with timbers that took hundreds of years to reach maturity.  We manually dismantle the structures by hand with great care and take what some people would consider "trash" and repurpose it into materials, architectural mill works, furniture and works of art.  We strive to negotiate with contractors, property owners and developers to rescue and recover materials to repurpose and recycle into new products and projects.

     We have been recognized by the community for our efforts of "going green".  The professional and experienced methods of recovery and recycling have been proven with over 164 reclamation projects.  We have reclaimed as much lumber as would be produced by 50,000 acres of standing forestry according to an equation generated by the U.S. Department of Forestry.  This also equals to 2,600,000 cubic yards of landfill space saved.

      Let Our experience and knowledge cater to the american dream by providing you the perfect reclaimed products to fit your project's needs.

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